Calling women to celebrate summer with a day retreat filled with Soul + Sunshine.  


Next one : September 10th 2:30-8:30 pm

This Summer Day retreat is on a beautiful private retreat Property in Paso Robles. You will enjoy the beautiful grounds, walking path, swimming pool, and views of the rolling hills. The retreat will include a relaxing day to enjoy yoga, Ecstatic dance shakti flow class, dream catcher crafting, sacred circle, swimming, smoothie and light dinner. 

A Yoga Class + Walking Meditation - Move your body and free your mind with a gentle flow yoga in the elements of nature. The rolling hills, oak trees, and sound of the creek will be the back drop. Jena Baird will lead you through a series of yoga postures to activate

Sacred circle gathering with Jena Baird. Fill your summer with sunshine for the soul. Circles create a sacred space to gather and fill up on all levels. We start circles with an intention, special card with a message meant for you, chakra balancing, and a mini mediation/visualization to activate your inner compass. We will focus on creative energy, And you will discover what your 2nd chakra wants you know. 

DIY Dream catcher workshop with Ami from EcoSlo Art. Ami will supply all the crafting materials to make your very own dream catcher.  You will walk away with a beautiful sacred dream catcher to place in your home or yard. Join us at the private retreat Property. We are happy to present a creative space for you.  

Swim + Smoothie Bowl Bar - There is nothing like summer and relaxing by the pool. You can enjoy swimming with amazing views of the rolling hills + indulge by making your own smoothie bowl with all the toppings you want. 

Dinner - Enjoy dinner together in the garden patio by the creek. The atmosphere is serene with a beautiful atmosphere. 

Ecstatic Dance Yoga Flow - Come join us for a full body awakening. We will open the class with blissful tunes and yoga flow. Dancing our way through the chakra's- enlivening our whole bodies and minds. This practice will bring immense joy and move through emotions and blocks that need to dance through us. Jillian will facilitate the music and offering some guidance to let go and open up but for the most part this is a silent experience that requires no conversation and instruction Dive into Free form and experience what is totally unique to you.


Your Retreat Leaders 


Retreat Property 

Join us at the Private Retreat property, a beautiful haven right here on the beautiful Central Coast located wine country Paso Robles. The estate property has a walking paths, swimming pool, and beautiful views of the rolling hills. This is the perfect place for a day retreat. We provide a creative space to enjoy the arts, yoga with a sunset, patios, and gardens. 

You will enjoy all the elements of the earth. You will be guided along a brief pathway for a guided meditation along the property for breath work, grounding, and deep restoration. 

The swimming pool brings fluidity and cooling for the body during the pitta (fire) season SUMMER. 


Ami Manwaring, owner of EcoSloArt

Ami will lead you in crafting your own beautiful Dream catcher. 

Ami has lived on the central coast of California for 13 years.  Born in North Carolina, she spent her childhood building forts in the forest by my house.  Many hours were spent playing in the pond catching tadpoles and lightning bugs.  She developed a deep appreciation for the outdoors. Years of creating outside made brought awareness of the amazing restorative powers of nature for healing the mind, body and spirit. As the mother of four boys, her family is active and spends every chance we get hiking, camping, and creating. As a licensed clinical social worker, she is trained in ecotherapy and art therapy and want to facilitate a deep connection to the earth for children and adults in order to enhance their well being. She believes that a relationship to mother earth is fundamental to our happiness as humans and also allows us to realize our connection to everything.  We are all one.  


Jillian Kueffer ~Hatha Yoga + Ecstatic Dance Teacher

Jillian has been practicing yoga since 1999. And she trained with The School Yoga Institute and completed my 500 hr Hatha yoga Teacher Training in 2010. Her classes are warm, supportive and strengthening with clear instruction on alignment. Yoga is your experience, totally unique to you and she will honor this and expresses gratitude to offer space to guide you into your breath to expand, accept and release. Join her at the retreat for a Ecstatic dance class


Jena Baird  - Retreat Leader, Yoga Instructor & owner

Jena Baird has been teaching since 2002 and enjoys guiding students in yoga classes, adventure excursions like sup yoga, hikes, time outdoors, along with teaching workshops and offering retreats. Jena is a gift healer and intuitive with energetic tools, breath work, visualization, and leads students back to the road map within. 


Day Retreat Includes 

  • A relaxing day soaking up nature at the beautiful retreat property
  • Swimming + Smoothie poolside
  • Yoga + Circle Gathering 
  • Walking meditation 
  • Ecstatic Dance 
  • Crafting a dream Catcher DIY Project. All supplies are provided
  • Dinner 

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