Kids Yoga 

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Join the next kids class at Serenity with Jena Baird. Classes are designed to support the whole children in a holistic approach to well-being: Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually. Your child will learn the 5 points of yoga: proper exercise, breathing, nutrition, relaxation, and meditation/positive thinking. Classes offer discussions, empathy skills, breathing techniques, visualization, affirmations/mantras, art, project base learning, yoga postures, singing, and much more. 


Programs for Kids


  • yoga class sessions held throughout the year

  • day retreats for children and family- create your own day retreat

  • Summer camps

  • surfing lessons/nature programs 

  • Private yoga



This is a special and unique offering to serve the children and teens in our community. A private yoga session is personalized to your child specific needs. Many children are feeling stress very early on, which effects their happiness, ability to adapt to new situations, connect with others, sleep well, and to concentrate properly. I help children with anxiety, self awareness, self esteem, coping techniques, and skills to encourage them to see their own unique and innate abilities.  I offer 30-40 minute sessions for children & teens.

What they will learn- Sessions often include, breathing techniques, yoga postures, mind & body awareness techniques, visualizing, energy/chakra balancing, affirmations, and an understanding of the 5 pts of yoga: proper exercise, breathing, nutrition, relaxation, and positive thinking/meditation. sessions are scheduled by appointment, or 805-434-1924