Mobile Yoga 

Jena Baird and the Dharma Yoga Loft Team is mobile yoga. We bring the yoga practice to you. Many have called us up for their corporate conferences to teach yoga and meditation to their employees. We bring the yoga class to you whether you are group of friends, celebrating a special occasion like a bachelorette getaway, birthdays, before the wedding, family reunions, or to just do something amazing and healthy while on vacation. We go to wineries, vacation homes, to the beach, Dancing Deer Ranch, to the Serenity Retreat property... and more.

Photo by Jag_cz/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Jag_cz/iStock / Getty Images


We bring the yoga practice to you, your group, party, or organization. We will supply the yoga mats, music and yoga instruction personalized to your group. 

At The Beach 

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At The Beach-  On the Central Coast we have some of the most beautiful and serene beaches to provide beach yoga. The sand, sound of the waves, and smell of the sea sets the tone for a perfect place to ivite intention, live present, soak up nature, stetch, and relax. We can meet you and your group at the beach or we have a 12 passenger van to gather everyone in and head to the beach. Mats, blankets, music, and instruction is provided 

For your Company or Organization 


1-4 people        $85     (if 20 minutes or more away it is $110) 

4-10 people    $135  (if 20 minutes or more away it is $145)

11-20 people   $185 (if 20 minutes or more away it is $210)

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Mobile Massage Services: 

We can bring the relaxation to you with yoga and massage.  

1 hour mobile massage: $95 


At Vacation Rentals 

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Vacation Rental - Are you renting a vacation home on the beautiful Central Coast? A great way to celebrate your vacation is to enjoy yoga class. The bliss comes to you with personalized yoga instruction for you and your group. We look forward to bringing yoga to you indoors, on a decks, patios, or grass to make a memorable day for you and everyone that attends serenity yoga. Serenity yoga is a blend of joyful yoga, breath work, essential oils, and inspirational messages. 

Serenity Retreat Property 


At The Retreat Property - This is a unique and special place for you to practice yoga. The 5 acre estate property has an incredible view of the rolling hills of Paso Robles, sounds of nature, lush gardens, walking paths, swimming pool, trinkling creek, and beautiful oak trees. Following yoga you have options to swim and enjoy the grounds along with...  

Add on to your mobile yoga package with....

  • Gather in the bell tent for an inspirational workshop- learn how to apply yoga philosophies to their everyday lives, Ayurveda, cleansing breath work, chakras, stress managment, living a life by design, emotional well-being, and meditation. 

  • Spa treatments- enjoy a massage, foot soak, facial, chi machine...

  • Tea, fruit platter, chocolate, kombucha, and more.

  • Enjoy a excursion, art, hot springs, stand up paddle board, surfing lessons, hiking, waterfalls, and more. 


       Contact Us:  805-434-1924     Location:  1329 Spring Street, Upstairs Loft in Downtown Paso Robles ca 93446