November 3-5, 2017

Join us for a special, all-women retreat Eco Retreat in Yosemite with rustic lodging and the beauty of the outdoors. This 3-day retreat is the perfect get-away to fully reflect upon all that Autumn has to offer. As the leaves begin to transform into brilliant oranges and reds, we too can transform and release what no longer serves us and make way for what's new to come.

This mountain retreat offers is a perfect getaway with, daily yoga, access to the health spa, hikes, delicious meals, and health talks with your hosts, Jena and Stephanie. Register for this retreat for an amazing weekend that will leave you feeling recharged and energized to carry you through the winter months and holidays. 


  • Daily Yoga

  • Health Talks 

  • Health Spa: Use of Sauna & 1 day pass for healing waters hot tub 

  • Hiking

  • Lodging: Dorm 0r shared private room 

  • Meals in the Cafe 




Join Jena Baird for a chakra balancing yin & yang yoga cleanse to embrace the fall season. Experience a blend of yoga wisdom, visualization, elements of the earth, Ayurveda principles, powerful breathwork, and cleansing yoga asanas while taking you through an empowering journey to awaken  your authentic self.   Feel Amazing vibrant, and at ease with Jena's gentle and empowering message for the soul while bringing complete ease to the body and mind. You will enjoy classes on-site in a beautiful yoga sanctuary


Join Stephanie Austin, HHP with Wellness by Mother Nature for life changing talks throughout the retreat. Along with workshop topics, Stephanie is available to co-create healing with you while discussing juicing, mind-body healing, raw food nutrition, homeopathy, understanding healing, daily detoxification and other aspects of whole-body and whole-life healing. There are more details below

Hiking + Activities


Near the lodge is the Bug Loop Trail for all to see the beautiful fall colors. On the north & east facing slopes you will find alders, pin oaks, live oaks, black oaks, chaparral, willows, mountain lilac, california grape, buckeye, ponderosa pine, grey pine and knobcone pine. We can do hikes away from the lodge as well.  During free time you and some of the retreat group may want to head into Yosemite National Park to enjoy this sought after destination with beautiful biking and hiking trails.  You have the option to order your already included lunch to be a box ready to go option is you go off site. During free time you may enjoy sitting by the fireplace with some hot tea, soaking in the hot tub, relaxing in the sauna, a spa treatment or an add on treatment by Stephanie or Jena. Reiki, private yoga, Iridology, allergy elimination, ... more information about each service below. 


You will recieve a day pass that includes access to a custom 12 person H2O2 UV spring fed stainless steel hot tub, cold-rain shower, cedar hot-rock sauna, a  seven jet shower in our deluxe changing rooms. Large cedar sauna with hot rocks with eucalyptus water. Jump under the cold rain shower adjacent after sauna use or into our stainless steel hot tub. The hot tub is kept bacteria-free without the use of harsh chemicals. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and ultra violet light are used to maintain the tub, as well as to support your overall wellness by delivering much-needed oxygen to your cells.

Cafe + Lodging

Organic & local foods in addition with the heirloom gardens makes dishes at the cafe fresh, healthy, and delicious. The cafe provide attention to vegan and vegetarian foods, in addition to quality meats and sustainable fish show the difference.  All meals included during the retreat which includes: Friday dinner, 3 meals on Saturday, and Breakfast on Sunday. The retreat includs lodging options:  all female dormitory, simple, clean, and shared space with bunk beds. Or you have the option to a tent cabin or private shared room. The overnight stay and cafe is all at Yosemite Bug Lodge. 

Retreat Leaders

Hosts, Jena Baird of www.JenaBaird.com and Stephanie Austin, HHP of www.WellnessByMotherNature.com offer retreats at vacation destinations such as Kauai, California Central Coast, Yosemite, and seasonal day retreats. Together, they bring you more than 20 years experience of whole-body / whole-life healing tools such as yoga, meditation, reiki, holistic nutrition, astrology and more.

Dorm Package:  $395 per person

Tent Cabin: $435 per person

Shared Room: $465 per person

OPTIONAL ADD-ONS - offered at Retreat Special Rates. Requires appointment.

  • Reiki -  1-hr minute reiki session to help rejuvenate your body's natural flow of energy and innate ability to heal. The term Reiki is derived from two words, meaning spiritual wisdom and life energy. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. Relax and unwind while this ancient healing tool facilitates healing beyond the physical. $45 special rate - more than 20% savings

  • Iridology -  During a mini-iridology assessment, Coach Stephanie photographs your irises and asks a series of questions related to your genetic and personal health history. A few dietary and/or supplemental suggestions will be written for your consideration. Iridology is both an art and a science that dates back further than Western Medicine into the times of Ancient Egypt. By studying the fibers, patterns and colors of your iris and other parts of the eye, an overall picture of the health of your body‘s issues and organs can be made. Inflammation, toxins, injuries, circulation, degrees of healing, the under or over functioning of organs and so much more can be seen by the trained Iridologist. $35 (20% off normal rate for 15 - 20 minutes)

  • Natural Allergy Elimination - Over 60% of Americans, approximately 90 million people, suffer from food or environmental allergies. Until recently, food allergies were thought to cause immediate problems such itching, hives, swelling, abdominal cramping or breathing problems. Research has shown that most people with allergies experience delayed sensitivity. This means that the food reaction may not appear for up to 72 hours. This makes it very difficult to pinpoint the connection between the symptom and the offending food. Natural Allergy Elimination  is a 3rd generation technique based on the work of Dr. Devi Nambudripad, Dr. Ellen Cuttler, Dr. Carolyn Jaffe, and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. This technique uses homeopathy, acupressure and kinesiology to effectively evaluate and treat  the body’s response to specific allergens. With this technique, we literally “re-program” the immune system to stop reacting erroneously to substances it encounters. It is much like “re-booting” a computer. We give the body the proper energy template it needs to respond appropriately. Instead of taking anti-histamines, steroids, inhalers, etc., we train the body to PREVENT the histamine release. In our 90 minute appointment, Stephanie will evaluate you for a list of common allergens and determine which allergens should be addressed first - based on severity and quantity. Once the list is created, a series of acupressure points along the spine and points on the arms & legs are activated to open the flow of energy throughout the body. NO needles, toxins or drugs are used in this technique. You will rest on the treatment table for 15 minutes, allowing the energy from the specific vials to re-set your immune response. After the treatment, you must avoid the allergen for 3 hours. In addition, you are asked to avoid food and beverages (except water) for 3 hours. Be sure to eat before your appointment! The entire procedure is painless and seems simple. It is very powerful. 86% of patients who complete the full program of treatment are still 100% allergy free after 5 yrs. 92% of patients reported significant improvement. Retreat exclusive special of only $175 for 90 minutes - including the assessment (60 minutes) and initial treatment (30 minutes) (Only available at specific retreat locations 

  • Massage-

    $75 one hour. Available 10am to 9pm daily.  The treatment rooms are differing decor rooms with asian flair with candles, music, water features and warm hardwood floors. Facility use is included. Therapists offer Synergy style massage. Schedule appointments in advance or upon check-in. Deep Tissue available at $10 extra. You can schedule with Yosemite Bug Lodge

  • Body Scrub- $65, 45 minutes. Use our bathing suit for the process if you like. Sauna first to open the pores. A massage like rub onto your body with the herbal skin mud by a therapist. Get into a Skin Renewal Herbal Bath and wash off with bath packet. Rinse completely off body in tub with wand, do not soap off
    We are very happy to offer this product to you! A local herbalist created this formula to exfoliate and moisturize skin, detoxify the body, and ease stressed muscles. With the exfoliating properties this scrub gets circulation going without being abrasive. Ingredients include honey, aloe vera, celtic sea salt, kelp, bentonite clay, chamomile, oats, quinoa, mung beans, sesame seeds, and vitamin A and E. This is a hand-ground, local, labor of love! You can schedule with Yosemite Bug Lodge. 

  • Free Time Activities - Mountain Bike rentals, white water rafting in Yosemite National Park