Private Yoga is designed to meet your specific needs. The ancient practice of yoga understands the health of the whole person and includes techniques for physical, mental, emotional,  & spiritual well being. You will learn the five points of yoga: Proper Exercise, Breathing, Diet, Relaxation, and Meditation/ Positive Thinking. Private yoga is for anyone who needs a personal trainer for a specific focus and for personalized attention. Please call in advance to schedule your sessions. Private yoga is taught at the Center or at a mobile location. Session chi machine at the end of the session. A yoga mat, bolsters, and support offered throughout the session. Because yoga is a mind, body, spirit, fitness practice you will see lasting results that are far reaching in all areas of your life. 


1  session.    90 Minutes.         $75 

5 session.     70 Minutes.    $57 per session.  Total $285.  (use in 60 days)

8 sessions.    70 Minutes.   $46 per session  Total $375.  (use in 90 days)


Intro to Yoga Private Yoga - Learn the basics 

Are you new to yoga and new to Serenity. We offer a special first time Intro to Yoga Private class with yoga instruction + a workshop to help you create a foundation. Yoga basics includes yoga alignment, how to engage in the postures, and you will learn how to approach the posture and personalize your yoga practice for your needs at this time. 

75 minute class- $45 1 person, 2 people $70, and group of four is $120


Kid & Teen Private Yoga +Family yoga 

kids yoga class.jpg

This is a special and unique offering to serve the children and teens in our community. A private yoga session is personalized to your child specific needs. Many children are feeling stress very early on, which effects their happiness, ability to adapt to new situations, connect with others, sleep well, and to concentrate properly. I help children with anxiety, self awareness, self esteem, coping techniques, and skills to encourage them to see their own unique and innate abilities.  I offer 45-60  minute sessions depending on their age for children & teens.

What they will learn- Sessions often include, breathing techniques, yoga postures, mind & body awareness techniques, visualizing, energy/chakra balancing, affirmations, and an understanding of the 5 pts of yoga: proper exercise, breathing, nutrition, relaxation, and positive thinking/meditation. sessions are scheduled by appointment, or 805-434-1924

1 session 60 minutes     $60

4 sessions 40-60 minutes.  $50 per session Total $200 (use in 60 days)

8 sessions 40-60 minutes    $40 per session Total $320 (use in 90 days)

Kids Group yoga- 3:45-4:45 pm Wednesdays (registration required to join the next scheduled 5 week session.





Private Yoga during pregnancy helps with common discomforts such a back pressure, sciatica, trouble sleeping, increasing energy, and uplifting your spirit. Along with pregnancy, yoga is helpful to prepare your body and mind physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for labor. Many yoga postures and breathing techniques makes a substantial difference in labor and delivery. If you committ to staying healthy and active during pregnancy it will greatly benefit your life. I also teach labor and delivery seminar that prepare you and your partner. I offer both private sessions and group. Classes includes the 5 points of yoga: proper exercise, breathing, nutrition, relaxation, and meditation/positive thinking

1 session  70 minutes    $65 per session.   

4 sessions 60 minutes. $55 per session Total -$220 (use in 60 days)

8 sessions 60 minutes. $45 per session Total- $360 (use in 90 days)

Mobile yoga 


Learn more about Mobile yoga. We have a whole page dedicated to this service on the central coast of California. 

We bring the yoga practice , meditation, or workshop to you, your group, party, or organization. We will supply the yoga mats, music and yoga instruction personalized to your group. 

Meditation -Discussion and guided meditation can also we offered separate or with the yoga practice. Learn more here

  Contact Us:  805-434-1924     Location:  1329 Spring Street, Upstairs Loft in Downtown Paso Robles ca 93446