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Jena Baird - Retreat Leader + Yoga Teacher

Jena Baird has an intuitive gift to personalizing the yoga practice to each individual with her gentle yet powerful messages and guidance back to the heart. Teaching since 2003 she enjoys sharing the comphrensive system and ancient wisdom of yoga and all of the holistic techniqes to feeling whole and more alive. Jena offer a blend of many styles of yoga + her own intuitive energetic gifts with grounding techniques, centering, breath work, chakra balancing yin & yang yoga cleansing postures to embrace all season of life. You will be carefully placed into postures with guidance on alignment and how to personalize the practice to your needs. Experience a blend of yoga wisdom, visualization, elements of the earth, Ayurveda principles, powerful breathwork, and cleansing yoga asanas while going through a empowering journey to awaken your authentic self.   Feel Amazing vibrant, and at ease with Jena's messages to feel uplifted and energized by opening your mind, heart and spirit to see with eyes more awake, and gratitude for the journey you are on. Jena teaches: Mon/Wednesdays 9 am + the second Saturday and Second Soulful Sunday of every month. 


Ashley Beels, Meraki™  Coach & Yoga Coach

M.A. Educational Leadership

Hi yogis! My name is Ashley Beels and I am a Meraki™ Coach guiding self-seekers and soulful entrepreneurs to live & create from their desires. I teach Meraki™ Yoga and Rise, Shine and Restore at Serenity Yoga Studio. Early on in my coaching business, I found the main struggle with clients was *getting them out of their heads* to find the clarity they were craving. The main struggle was having them get into their bodies to find the innate wisdom from the other parts of the self; heart, body, and soul. I started to use yoga techniques and breath to help integrate my clients out of the mind, and into the deeper parts of the self. I was so inspired by the transformations I saw with my clients from just putting them into one yoga position during their session, or asking them to focus on their breathing, that I started to dream about how I could incorporate yoga teaching into my coaching practice. I soon after enrolled in a 6-month restorative yoga coaching program in beautiful Avila Beach to learn how to weave the art of coaching and practice of yoga into 1 unique combination. Now, at Serenity we can offer a unique combination of coaching and yoga in Meraki™ Yoga, a yoga class for creatives and entrepreneurs. Click here for more info.

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Yoga Teacher, Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga + A pregnancy health coach  

Ashleigh (RYT200) from 9-10:15 on Saturday April 29th and start your weekend off feeling blissed-out!! Ashleigh blends hatha, yin and restorative yoga for a full mind + body + spirit connection. Move with the breath, open the body and calm the mind. Her desire is that you step off the mat feeling restored, balanced and connected. Class is open to all levels and bodies. See you on the mat.

Ashleigh has been studying yoga for over 7 years and became a yoga teacher after a sports injury left her hurt and angry. She found yoga was a way to heal not only her body but also her heart. She took an interest in prenatal yoga during her own pregnancy in 2015. Since then, she has studied prenatal and postnatal yoga at the Mt Madonna Center of Yoga, has training in prenatal Kriya yoga lineage, and leads women’s circles. She has trained as a pregnancy health coach, postpartum doula and placenta encapsulation specialist to empower, educate and support new moms to have a healthy, happy pregnancy and postpartum. Her classes are powerful, balancing and playful while creating a supportive environment that allows for a deeper understanding of the magical relationship between mother and baby. She utilizes aromatherapy, healing sound, light touch, gentle asana, and guided mediation to bring awareness to the breath and womb space. Her desire is that you step off the mat feeling restored, renewed and connected.Ashleigh is a California native, digging roots in Monterey after graduating from CSUMB with her BA in Psychology. She recently settled in Atascadero with her fiancée, 1 year old daughter and fur-babies. She enjoys cookings, gardening, making jewelry, metaphysics and meeting new people.

Jillian Kueffer ~Hatha Yoga Teacher

I have been practicing yoga since 1999. I trained with The School Yoga Institute and completed my 500 hr Hatha yoga Teacher Training in 2010. My classes are warm, supportive and strengthening with clear instruction on alignment. Yoga is your experience, totally unique to you- I honor this and I am grateful to offer space to guide you into your breath to expand, accept and release. Jillian teaches the 4th Friday of every month 9:00-10:15 am and subs at serenity 


Jody Baker~ Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Jody Baker~Guru Kirat Kaur~Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher through IKYTA with additional certifications for Yoga For Youth & Pre/Post Natal yoga, Authentic Relationships, and most recently the sacred wisdom of Womenʼs Moon Centers. My first Kundalini class was in 1993, I had no idea how much the little Kundalini seed planted in me would grow through the years. The mantras & pranayama drew me in. I felt so good after those classes. My inner light was lit. I am humbled & passionate about how effective

Kundalini Yoga & meditation is at bringing an elevated state of being & healing. I am a mother, wife, sister, daughter and lover of life. I thrive being outdoors connecting with the earth which in turn inspires me to create. Iʼm incredibly grateful to teach Kundalini Yoga. Sat Nam. Jody teaches the 3rd Friday of every month 9:00-10:15 am and the third Saturday of every month  9:30-10:45 am


Monika Martinez ~ Ananda Yoga Teacher

Join Monika for a Ananda style yoga class for beginners. In this class the poses are held a bit longer, with a specific affirmation paired with each asana. These affirmations allow you to go deeper into the postures both physically and spiritually. There are pauses in between each pose to allow the body to recover physically, re-center, and feel the effects of the proceeding posture. Monika completed her yoga teacher training at Ananda School of Yoga and Meditation, in Neveda City.


 Kayli Chapman~ Tantra Yoga Teacher

I teach yoga to bring more Light into the world.  I love to help students find freedom – whether that’s a millimeter more space and ease in an asana (posture) or finding the courage to make a big positive life change. found yoga in 2010 at a unique and fun studio called Yoga Flirt. 

It wasn’t long before I decided I needed more yoga in my life, so I courageously followed my intuition and completed the 200 hour Tantra Flow Yoga teacher training with Jeanne Heileman, senior student of Rod Stryker.  The goal in this style of yoga is to remove darkness and increase the brightness of the student’s spirit.  When this happens the chances of the student discovering their True Essence increases dramatically!

In class with me you will experience high-quality instruction from a teacher that is sure to greet you with a smile.  You will improve the health of your body through practicing wisely sequenced asanas (yoga postures) that are both stretching and strengthening.  The quality and capacity of your breath will increase drastically leaving you feeling full of life and energy.  As a result you will experience a feeling of being grounded in your body, peaceful in your mind, and expansive in spirit. In practicing with me, you will learn to observe, discover, and trust your inner wisdom as you begin to live radiantly.  It starts with the small step of choosing to show up on your mat.  The magic of yoga with take over from there. Kayli teaches a special Friday evening workshop once a month 6:00-8:00 pm 


Stephanie Austin ~ Holistic Nutriton & Lifestyle coach

Stephanie Austin is an honors graduate of Holistic Medicine specializing in Homeopathy, Iridology and Holistic Nutrition. She has released over 60 pounds and conquered years of junk food addiction through holistic healing and nutrition techniques that she now passes onto others. As a certified holistic health and nutrition coach through her online business, Wellness by Mother Nature, she empowers people through classes, coaching, workshops and resources on the healing value of nutrition and the innate self-healing abilities of a body in balance. She has helped hundreds of people achieve balance through methods such as meditation, herbs, movement, supplements, aromatherapy, homeopathy, nutrition, mind-body connection, energy healing and by closely listening to the needs of her clients.  Wellness by Mother Nature (WbMN) is your online connection with Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach, Stephanie Austin, H.H.P. Through WbMN, Stephanie hopes to provide you with resources, inspiration and services to empower you along your holistic, healing journey. Whether you're looking for classes on the healing value of foods; personalized coaching for acute and/or chronic concerns; weight management and/or nutritional support; or maintenance support through the Wellness Shoppe, Stephanie Austin is here for support, guidance and education on aligning with your body's constant efforts to be as healthy as can be.


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