Get Inspired and fill your life with Soul, Sunshine, + Self Care


Gathering Soul Sisters for Circle and Self Study Programs  

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Is this program for you. 

Sunshine + Soul is a program designed to help you live on purpose, with intention, consciously, and strategically by design. There are knew models of being for greater expansion. We are all teachers and all students upon this walk of life. 


Self Study

This program is the place to dive into the depth of all the good stuff inside. May you take this journey to really get to know the one you see in the mirror. Hello Beautiful, hello radiant being, hello vast potential, hello fears, hello emotions. We will say hello to it all. Road maps and a compass dwells within and this journey is going to be about helping you to access it and to navigate through the mind, through the heart, through the soul. After all we are a bundle of things that we will began to unite. So here in this tribe we celebrate the many aspects of ourselves. 

Hello I am Jena Baird and I am passionate about life, learning, expansion and living a sustainable soul-filled life. As a visionary, gifted healer, empath, and yogi I help lead you back to your roadmap. With Chakra balancing, breath work, visualization, and very important awareness methods.

A little back story,  I learned in school and society that you do not get recognized for theses type of healing gifts, in fact "over feelers" are frowned upon. Being highly sensitive, which means the "feelers" are cranked up on high drive and senses are heighten to feel my world around me.  I quickly became compassionate towards others as I could feel what was beneath the words being spoken. I now help others to access emotional intelligence and to understand its great significance in learning about ourselves and about others. I now share the gifts I once hid, teaching workshops, courses, that help people to heighten their senses a tool to further develop inner intuition. I am excited to journey with you. 

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Put some sunshine in your life with a bundle of love packaged up for you to open as a daily self love & self care routine. This gift last and will sustain you through a lifetime. 

Are you ready to open the gifts you contain, and watch out it is an abundant container. Super star sister you got so much depth and are vast as the night sky and as deep as the ocean. Seriously you have chapters upon chapters of self discovery. Sinking into your essence is what Sunshine + Soul lifestyle program is all about. Get your sparkle on! Roll out the mat, and let's get to work. The greatest work is the work and healing we do inside. Gift yourself this bundle of sunshine.

Package Offering

  • Sacred gathering -

In a nutshell this bundle of sunshine includes- 

  • Self study & Reflection
  • Sacred Circles
  • Art projects, playshop, inspirational learning
  • Nightly call twice a month
  • Book Club Discussions
  • Handouts, daily rituals 
  • Unlimited Yoga- feed your soul daily with a yoga practice
  • Sol time= Sunshine + Nature, Sup + Hot springs. outdoor meditation walks, soaking up sunshine and each season together.
  • Sacred kit + Box
  • Book Club- fill your mind and heart with inspiration
  • Soul-ful Self Care 
  • Energetic tools, crystals, breath-work, and visualization
  •  Tools & techniques for empathic people 





Sunshine Bundle 

Program includes: 

  • Practice sustainable healing techniques. Learn at the core who you are and let your essence shine 
  • Restoration for the body, mind-set sift, and re-setting old patterns.
  • Access your inner road-map, activate your intuition, and design, create, and live your true path
  • Emotional Health-tool +techniques 

Fall + Winer Program Details