Classes will be held at 1329 Spring Street Paso Robles, upstair spacious Loft, called Dharma Yoga. Serenity and Dharma have merged to offer you even more classes, exciting events, teacher trainings, workshops, and more. 

Sup Yoga Classes

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Group classes - on-land instruction and in water guidance. Classes are held at lakes, harbors, and ponds. 

  • 1 session - 70 minutes $35 
  • 1 session- sup +hot springs $40 

Private classes and groups scheduled by appointment - more about Stand up paddle boarding 


Class Descriptions

Energize Flow Yoga - This class is a blend of yoga styles: hatha, ashtanga, & vinyasa with both holding the postures which is a yin influence and some flowing yoga sequencing, a yang influence to brighten and awaken the body. You can be any level to join this class, it is both for beginner and intermediate student. This class will have some warming up and deep holding yin postures to give students the time to melt the tension away. Some props will be used to aid the body to stretch deeply while taking the time to make adjustments to support the body. The class will emphasis proper alignment and breathing. Sometimes we will do Energizing sun salutation variations to purify the body along with standing postures, seated poses, forward folds, balancing and final relaxation will be done to restore the body. Excellent class for all levels as you will have time to either deepen or soften.  Modifications and choices are offered in each pose to help you personalize the practice. 

Yin Yoga- This class is designed for students to dig deep and mindfully work through the connective tissue with the encouragement of deep dynamic breathing. Poses are held with awareness to consider aligning your body to it's highest good. You will gain a deeper understanding of your self and show up for yourself in a big way. This class is restorative, gentle, and deep. Yin uses lot's of prop to support your journey to safely and effectively recieve the benefits.

Rise, Shine & Restore Yoga- This gentle yoga class is a combination of subtle movement, breath work, and restorative yoga. We start our practice by gently warming up the body with traditional yoga poses, playful movement, breath work and balancing. After loosening through the muscles and connective tissue, we will start to wind down our practice with a relaxing restorative practice.

Dynamic Vinyasa Flow Yoga- Yoga postures are done in a sequence of flowing movement that promotes an internal heat while you strengthening and toning the body. The combination of breath and vigorous movement will encourage a strong physical yet meditative practice. In the beginning we do some warming up through holding posture but the majority of the class has little rest in between postures making it a strong cardiovascular workout. Modifications are always offered so you can have the open to keep moving or pause in a posture. A class will consist of seat postures, sun salutations, standing postures, balance, inversions, and final relaxation. This class is for individual's with a fundamental understanding of alignment and ready to be challenged) Flow classes are dynamic while offering a small portion for reclined postures and final relaxation. This is are most challenging class on the schedule. It is still geared for all levels as the teacher will offer you the best options and modification to give you the right challenge without strain. This class is not for individuals with serious injuries. A yin, rise & Restore, is best. 

SUP Yoga- The wide surfaced stand up paddle board is your yoga mat floating on water for a magical experience. Being outdoors, floating, and yoga are a heavenly match. Classes are instructed by CPR  +Sup Yoga certified instructors. Classes are held at a variety of locations during the season from April -December.

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