Yoga + Fitness Boot Camp Lifestyle Program

SPRING BOOT CAMP - 33 day program starts May 2-June 3 2017

  • Tone & lenghten muscles

  • Increase energy

  • Awaken your potential


All With a 

  • A Personalized Focus program

  • Yoga mind/body/spirit wellness

  • Train with a Personal trainer +health coach. 

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  • 33 days of unlimited yoga 
  • 33 days unlimited use of the fitness center
  • Learn how to use the fitness equipment
  • Two Sessions per week with a personal trainer + health coach 
  • Nutrition insights 
  • Weekly empowerment gathering to learn vital techniques 
  • Supportive emails throughout program
  • Chakra balancing to activate your energy body
  • Inspirational Workshops Tuesday May 2nd 5:30 pm to start you on your program
  • Morning and evening options for you 

This Program is an all inclusive package and a rare find for all that it includes. Serenity Boot camps includes tons and it is offered to you at a incredible rate, with exceptional quality, attention, and personalized focus.  

Are you ready to challenge yourself, reach new heights, and feel more energy? Whether you want to shed weight, have more energy, alleviate stress, or just be more healthy, yoga Boot camp provides you with the essential techniques for mind, body, and spirit. You will see what the ancient science and cutting edge resource of yoga, fitness, & holistic health can do for your life. You will be given five Essentials for success-

Learn The five points of yoga, time tested techniques that lead to transformation. Most people know that yoga is exercise, but what they often don't know is that it has five key components to optimal health   * Proper Exercise   * Proper Breathing   * Proper Relaxation   * Proper Nutrition   * Meditation/Positive thinking. The five points are essential ingredients to reaching your potential, whether it is to overcome aniexty/stress, to shed what is no longer is serving you, or have the lifestyle you want, it is about transformation with a program based around holistic well-being. The program takes into consider all aspects of who you are.

Experience a Mind & Body Transformation

Feel fully alive, have tons of energy......... to accomplish not just the "have to do" in life. Instead begin to contribute to your own personal happiness and start your journey to living life to your fullest potential, where you feel free, energetic, and liberated. The Boot camp program gives you a plan of action with tools and techniques to reach your optimal well-being, by being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually fit.


The 30 day Program Includes...

  •  30 days of Unlimited Yoga Classes
  • 30 Unlimited Use of Fitness Center 
  •  Sessions with a Personal trainer & health coach
  • A Workshop 
  •  Nutrition insights & suggestions
  •  Supportive emails throughout the program
  • Learn powerful breath-work, and mind/body wisdom
  • Weekly empowerment gathering to learn vital techniques
  • Chakra balancing to activate your energy body
Photo by Wavebreakmedia/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Wavebreakmedia/iStock / Getty Images

Morning & Evening Program Options

Morning Schedule

Program starts Tuesday May 2nd with a workshop 5:30 pm

  • Take unlimited yoga classes (schedule of classes here)
  • Monday/Wednesday 9:00 am yoga class
  • Thursday 9 am Group Fitness class with a personal trainer 
  • Learn how to use the fitness equipment 
  • Workshop Tuesday May 2nd at 5:30 pm 

Evening Schedule

  • Take unlimited yoga classes
  • 30 days unlimited use of fitness center
  • Monday/Wednesday 6:30 pm yoga 
  • Weekly empowerment emails 
  • Learn how to use the fitness equipment
  • Workshop Tuesday May 2nd 5:30 pm 
  • Thursday 5:30 pm Group fitness 

Tuition: $179 for this total fitness, yoga, and inspirational 30 day long fully to emerge yourself into this fully packed program. 

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Do you already have a yoga membership with us or yoga pass. If so we will deduct the cost of your membership for the total. 




Fitness Classes with Personal Trainer & Health Coach Renee

Renee will guide the small fitness group classes. She has found through her own life experiences, that exercising has a way of making people feel stronger, even in your weakest moments. This is one of the reasons she became a certified personal trainer, and health coach, so she can help people build strength, resiliency, and change behaviors that no longer suit your needs. This allows you to experience growth, no matter what obstacles life is throwing at you.

During each Small Group Training session

Small Group Training is similar to working with a personal trainer One-on-One, except you have the added benefit of exercising with 6 to 8 people that will help you stay motivated. Every session will last 45 minutes, and will include: a warm-up, workout, and cool down. You will primarily be using your own body weight to increase strength, and endurance. During the classes you will be instructed on how to perform each exercise, receive encouragement, as well as, any necessary modifications you might need.

This class is ideal for the novice, to intermediate student, as Renee will provide modifications to exercises on an individual basis. These sessions are a great chance to focus on your self-improvement. Renee is excited and honored to work with you!

Fitness class options: Thursday 5:30 pm and Thursday 9:00 am 

Renee - Personal Trainer & Health Coach 

Renee Mosier is a certified personal trainer in the San Luis Obispo area. She enjoys helping her clients increase their energy level, and confidence, by adding in exercise, healthy foods, and simple behavior change strategies. For Renee, health is more than esthetics, it's about helping her clients reach the quality of life they deserve.

Jena Baird - Boot camp creator & yoga instructor 


Jena Baird, creator of Boot camp to inspire indvidual to be fit in mind, body, and spirit.  The focus of the program is based on holistic health that takes into consideration all aspects of living well. You will learn chakra balancing yin & yang yoga practices. Jena blends yoga wisdom, visualization, elements of the earth, Ayurveda principles, powerful breathwork, and cleansing yoga asanas while taking you through a empowering journey to awaken your authentic self. Feel amazing, vibrant, and at ease with Jena's gentle yet empowering messages for growth and transformation. 


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