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Bali is a sought after destination with its diverse scenery and fascinating culture. From the ocean to the mountains you will find serene beauty in this land filled with art, temples, monkeys, and culture. Indonesia is one of the most biologically diverse places in the world with its coral reefs, extensive variety of fish species, turquoise crystal water, waterfalls, lagoons, amazing surf, and white sand.  Come explore this little slice of heaven. 


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Jena Baird is excited to share the gift of yoga with you and your group. Classes on retreats are held daily, one or two classes per day can be arranged into the schedule. Yoga completes the experience and many walk away realizing how much more present they were to really enjoy the travels, excursions, and activities.  Jena passion is to help individuals work from the inside out with chakra balancing, energy work, yin & yang yoga to cleanse for each season and blending yoga wisdom, visualization, elements of the earth, Ayurveda principles, powerful breathwork, and cleansing yoga asanas while taking you through a empowering journey to awaken your authentic self. You can arrange yoga classes and workshop gathering on a variety of wellness Topics.  Wellness spa treatments can also be added to your retreat package.

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Waterfall & Monkey Forest Excursion-  This excursion gives you a chance to experience adventure, cultural sites, and experience the beauty of Bali. This adventure begins in the traditional village of Batubulan for a Balinese cultural show to experience traditional Balinese dance and culture. Afterwards we will head to the Tegenungan Waterfall to witness the vast waterfall in a lush and beautiful place. Afterwards making our way to iconic Kintamani, here we enjoy lunch while taking in the views of Volcanic Mount Batur as well as the lake. The next stop is Sekaan Village to learn about traditional Bali coffee and how it is grown, harvested, and processed. We finish up with the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary of Ubud. Here we will interact with the monkeys, sacred bathing pools, old temple, and ornate bridge.

Bali Shopping & Village Excursion - Bali is an incredible place to purchase handcrafted items, textiles, clothing, and art. Every traveler will want to take something home with them to remind them of the cherished time in this sacred land. We head to Ubud filled with hundreds of boutique. Lunch is not included -as you shop here you will see many great places to eat. Also we head to Keliki to experience a traditional village.  

Charity Trek - This trek is not only an amazing hike through the lush forested area of Muntigunung region of Bali, the trek gives back to the people in the villages. Along the way you may hear sacred chanting, sounds of nature, and see the glistening lake that for centuries has been walked up and down the steep cliff to gather and haul water back to their communities. We will not go on the path they take but we will see the trek they endured.  We have a tropical breakfast at the summit of Lake Batur's volcanic caldera. The knowledge guide will escort us back to their village where we will witness all the amazing gifts this charity has provided. We will learn how water-catchment buildings have helped theses families. We will see the beautiful crafts and items they make to provide an income for their families. Donations are not accepted, but as we visit several villages and charity projects, you will have the opportunity to purchase the goods made.

Temples and Cultural Sites- Bali is known as a sacred land filled with temple and sacred sites. Some options to choose from: Kebun Raya Eka Karya Bedugul Botanical Gardens,Kopi Luwak (Luwak Coffee) Plantation, The water Temple

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Surfing + Stand up Paddle Boarding + Snorkeling - Bali is known more it's incredible crystal clear water, coastline, incredible waves, and snorkeling. We can set up an excursion where we take a boat ride or yacht to the gorgeous nearby island of Lombok, a short boat ride away from the Retreat lodge. We can also set up surfing, stand up paddle boarding, and snorkeling at a variety of locations. Based on your interest we can set up this excursion into your package. We can set it up so the group can enjoy different water activities while all together, some individuals in the group may want to float + relax, others snorkel, some doing sup, or others catching waves. 

Getting Around - There are vans and drivers from the retreat eco Lodge that make every destination we take filled with ease. You can sit back and will be taken where you need to go. The shopping excursion can be arranged and scheduled in you desire this as part of your package. 

Airport Transportation- Retreats include picking up your group from the airport and taking you to the airport after your retreat is finished. 

Ready to Get started- Reach out by email - You can let us know what your group needs are and we can personalizes a retreat for you. We offer a phone appointment, email, and any assistance you need. Quotes are given once we come up with the package that works perfect for you group preferences and budget.