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6 nights 7 days July 27-August 2, 2020

Experience the Central Coast of California


Teens & Young Adult Ladies, Soulful Adventure awaits    

Emerge into adventure and soak up the outdoors with joy filled activites to cultivate Cali living. Days will be Spent in nature, practicing yoga, enjoyig nutritious meals, exploring the arts, inspirational workshops, hiking, surfing & or stand up paddle boarding, and circles/bonfires. We offer excursion to beautiful places all over the Central Coast of California.  Excursions during the retreat will allow you to explore many beautiful places on the Central Coast of California. 

Ready to do something amazing this summer and walk away transfromed? I've got just the retreat for you with all the adventure, nature, and inspiration that will set you free. All retreats incorporate a good dose of well-being by gaining greater insights about who you are and how to the best version of yourself all while soaking up nature, outdoors, adventure, art, time in the water, self care pampering, and gatherings around the camp fire.  I love summer, I love working with teens/young adults, and I love the water and yoga. I want to share it with you. The Central Coast is truly a secret little gem with the most epic beaches, scenic views, open pastures, vineyards, and natural hotsprings.

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What You Will Learn :

  • Body awareness

  • Deep breathing

  • Meditation

  • Yoga- maybe even a hand-stand on the beach

  • How to Surf and Stand up paddle board

  • Affirmations

  • Self discovery

  • How to lead with your heart and find the adventure in everything.

  • Nature art project

  • Exploration & Discovery of who you are

  • Gratitude +Mindfullness

  • Self care- love food, care and nourish your body, mind, and spirit.


A Package filled with

  • Daily yoga

  • Stand up Paddle boarding

  • Adventure excursions

  • Guided scenic hikes

  • Art or craft

  • Sacred Circles, filled with inspiration

  • Hot springs

  • Meals/delicious food

  • Lodging

  • Surfing lessons + equipment provided

  • Time outdoors, swimming,

  • Relaxation

  • Spa - DIY make your own scrub + guided self facial

  • Healthy Living, nutrition wisdom, self worth and self care

  • Meditation

  • Shopping Souvenir Excursion -

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Time in the Water

Enjoy the journey and experience one of the greateast and most precious gifts on the earth, water! Stand up Paddle boarding and surfing are both options for retreats. We offer and on land lesson plus Instruction on the board to work on stablility and paddling across the harbor or lake and the other portion of the class is dedicated to exploring yoga postures on your wide surface board.   Afterwards we will enjoy a scenic hike where you can eat your sack lunch while enjoying an incredible view of the ocean. We will wind down the day by traveling to Templeton to soak up time on a beautiful retreat house.  A yummy dinner will be provided. We will enjoy ending the day with circle to gather in workshop time for topics such as self worth, healthy living, empowerment and living with purpose.

Shopping Souvenir Excursion

One of the excursion includes a shopping day to pick up a souvenir to remind you of the time you spent on the Central Coast of California. We choose downtown shops that supports the local economy and feature many local artisan's work. Teens will find meaningful gifts, handcrafted items, jewelry, home decor, tee shirts, beatiful art or some may indulge in trying some salt water taffy, or granola bowl smoothie to sample the local tasty treats in this area. There is something for everyone. Bring extra cash to enjoy the shopping excursion, a 2 -3 hour of walking down the charming downtown of Cambria or Morro Bay. 

Hot Springs

This area is know for it rich mineral springs with many health benfits. Soaking in a the warm hot springs is not only relaxing and calming, it soothes the muscles after are days filled with adventure. You will feel like this is the perfect remedy to soothes tired muscles while aiding the body with in amazing benefits of sulfur rich mineral water. Sulfur is natural occuring in the earth and provides the body with healing effects with its trace amount of minerals, sulfur, calcium, and magnesium

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Guided Scenic Hikes

Some hiking we do is flat along the bluff, trails that are designed to see the very scenic beauty of the central coast coastline, take pictures,  a quiet and enjoyable walk, and outdoor meditation. While other hikes are more challenging none are more than 2 miles and are mild. You will hike up to see an incredible view. Bring good tennis shoes. 

Retreat Property

Breakfast by the creek and morning yoga on-site with the views of the rolling hills and oak trees. We begin and end our days at the retreat property after our excursions.  Soak up time on a beautiful 5 acre retreat with swimming pool,  walking paths, all weather canvas tent, volley ball court, small creek and views of the rolling hills of Paso Robles. We will enjoy ending the day with circle to gather in workshop time in the canvas bell tent for topics such as: self worth, healthy living, empowerment and living a meaningful life to aligns with your highest potential. 

Art or Craft Project

The elements of the earth inspire the art + craft projects we will do while on the retreat. Whether it is painting an ocean scene on a rock we collect that day, or creating a handcrafted piece with driftwood, nature is the inspiration behind it. We have a variety of paints, brush, glue, and supplies to make your masterpiece come alive.

Spa Evening

 A evening will be set aside for a spa party - This includes all the supplies for you to DIY your own spa scrub. Plus you will enjoy a self guided facial taking you through each step to let your skin glow. The make it your own scrub it a joy to make with a wide selection of essential oils for you to choose from. You will use the scrubs for your facail plus be able to take it home with you.  I will provide all the spa products with a all natural cleanser, toner, scrub, mask, and hydrating lotion.  Hot towels are given to wipe your face after each step. When each person finishes they can enjoy chocolate, fruit platter, Tea and water. 

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Yoga & Meditation 

Everyday you will do yoga with classes that melt the tension away and inspire you. You will learn grounding tools, meditation, affirmation, visualization, Ayurvedic wisdom, and chakra balancing will all be apart of the personal growth you will experience while at this retreat. Along with daily yoga/meditation you will journal, hike, and be outdoor where you can get creative and dig deep beneath the surface of your being. 

Yoga is done outdoors at the retreat property and at the beach. Yoga mats are provided or you may bring your own.  Meditation and visualization techniques are taught and truly the icing on the cake to living a more vibrant and healhty life. 


While you stay at our retreat you will enjoy nutritious and delicious meals. We give out a questionnaire prior to your arrival to find out about your dietary needs and questions pertaining to your health. Teens will also have serveral opportunity throughout the retreat to have hands on experience with the food they eat. They will learn to Prepare and develop a greater understanding of whole food nutrition. One of the five points of yoga is Nutriton, along with proper exercise, breathing, relaxation, and meditation/positive thinking. Teens will learn mindfulness, gratitude, and discovery about the most optimal nutritious foods on the planet.  The high energetic foods eaten and prepared restore and repair health while leaving lasting positive memory in the body. My hope is that each girl will develop a wonderful relationship with food as it is the foundation of our health and well-being. Breakfast will be enjoyed on-site at the retreat property along with most of our dinners. In the morning each teen will have a chance to prepare a sack lunch with many choices for healthy and tasty options. At Serenity Retreats we like to be sustainable, if possible bring a re-uable sack and water bottle. I bring a igloo of water on all excursions so teens can fill up as often as they need with H20.

Overnight Stay

The 5 acre estate main home has bedrooms with individual beds.  The retreat includes 5 nights stay in a very comfortable and beautiful setting  The facility is located in Templeton, 20 minutes from the beach. 


We provide pick up at the San Luis Obispo airport. The Retreat will Start the first day at 4 pm but you can check in anytime for 12 pm. Arrangement can be made if you need pick up before 12 pm. The first evening starts with yoga at 4 pm followed by dinner and a opening ceremony for introductions and to go over the retreat schedule. If possible have flights arrive to San Luis Obispo airport  before 2 pm. While at the retreat there is a 12 passenger van and 8 passenger Honda Pilot SUV for excursions. 

All inclusive package - Overnight Lodging, yoga, meals, art project, water sports, workshops, bonfires, hikes, journaling, board rental/wet suit, take home spa product, hot springs, art, and all adventure. Are you local and want to be apart of the program but not the overnight. Email or call and I will give you the details. 805-434-1924 or

What To Bring

Bathsuits, Sunscreen, re-usable water bottle, chapstick, clothes, extra cash. 

Clothes: Bring layers, in the summer we often have fog at the beach and at the retreat house (20 minutes) inland it will be hot. 

Early Bird Rate if you Sign up Before February 28, 2020 

Normal Rate $1895 /Early Rate is $1795 paid in full 


5 payment plan: (this plan goes up after January 28th 2020 Take this opportunity to get the best pricing. Make 5 Payment of $379. The Total purchase is $1895.

Meet Jena Baird- Retreat Leader

Jena Baird has been teaching yoga since 2003 and she is the owner of Dharma Yoga Loft offering personalized wellness programs, daily yoga, retreats, adventure packages including yoga, surfing, sup boarding, and teaches workshops of a variety of wellness topics. Her passion is to help individuals work from the inside out with chakra balancing, energy work, yin & yang yoga to cleanse for each season and blending yoga wisdom, visualization, elements of the earth, Ayurveda principles, powerful breathwork, and cleansing yoga asanas while taking you through a empowering journey to awaken your authentic self. Jena started surfing & snowboarding when she was 14 years old. She loves the outdoors, hiking, water sports, and is a certified stand up paddle board instructor. She has 3 daughters and enjoys time with her family, traveling, art, outdoors, and wellness. 

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Create Your Own Personalized Retreat

You have the option to add personalized touches to your retreat. Do you have an organization, a school, or are you teen or parent that wants to gather a group of teens together? I create personalized retreat for each person and group, please contact me, Jena Baird to discuss the details. or 805-434-1924