Jenas Barid's Shine Yoga Teacher Training program is devoted to supporting students on their personal journey through the art and philosophy of yoga.  With an emphasis on ancient yoga traditions and modern practice, Shine Yoga Teacher Training demystifies the asanas (yoga poses) and explores anatomy, physiology, meditation, and the art-of-sequencing. In our training, there are five specialist teachers to guide you to understand; Ayurveda (the wellness sister science of yoga), pranayama (breathe work), chakra wisdom, business marketing, authentic branding, and holistic wellness. Shine Yoga Teacher Training is more than just a "yoga" teacher training. Shine YTT is a program that guides you to a deeper sense of self, infuses yoga with life lessons, debunks your limiting beliefs around business, spirituality, and yoga, & invites you to explore more about your body, mind, and soul.


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We invite you to take a personal journey of self-development...

A practice of growth and transformation for yourself and the lives you share yoga with...


Are you called to deepen your understanding of yoga through a teacher training that inspires you from the inside out?

The journey you take with us will inspire your own life while broadening your view of the ancient wisdom and science of yoga.

Yoga is an incredible comprehensive system that dives into the many aspects of personal development.

Through self study and practical tools the journey through this teacher training program will transform your life and in

return help the lives of others. 

A teacher, explorer, and a learner of life is within you... 

In Summary:

  • This program is taught over 16 weeks
  • The program engages a various learning styles
  • This is a 200-hour program
  • It is certified by Yoga Alliance

Curriculum Includes:

  • Content of lectures
  • The 8 Limbs
  • Teaching of Poses
  • Class Creation
  • Yoga Terms
  • Wellness Wheel
  • Ayurveda Wisdom
  • Anatomy & Alignment
  • How to guide students 
  • Being Authentic and Letting your gifts shine.
  • Chakras + Energetic tools
  • Business Planning
  • Worksheets for homework
  • 125 poses to explore.

This 200 hour program will not only qualify you for certification by yoga alliance, but is designed to awaken the teacher, learner, & explorer that is within you... to awaken the gifts inside you. The curriculum is formatted in a way we believe you will find approachable, easy to digest, and applicable to integrate into your life. The course teachings are in-depth and encompasses the many angles of becoming a yoga teacher. We will learn the powerful and transformative wisdom of yoga, the many pieces to wholeness and well-being with yoga asanas, and a greater understanding of the alignment and anatomy of the physical body. We will dive into the science of life, also known as Ayurveda, a side by side wisdom meant to go hand in hand with yoga. Other areas of exploration are the basics of meditation, how to easily make meditation approachable for your lives and for the students, yoga philosophy, pranayama breath work, branding and marketing authentically as a teacher, holistic living, and the fascinating world of energy anatomy through the exploration of the chakras. You will explore the power and beauty of all types of yoga... from Vinyasa, to Hatha, to Restorative practice. The teachings and variety will bring wholeness and balance into your being, and to the lives of the students you share it with.

The commitment to Shine Yoga Teacher Training is 16 Mondays, and 8 weekends over the course of time from February- May.


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Jena Barid: Yoga Studio Owner

Hi! I am Jena, I am the owner of Dharma Yoga Loft and am lead teacher of Shine Yoga Teacher Training. I am here to unlock the teacher within you and to support your journey to learn the vast and comprehensive system and science of yoga. I have been practicing yoga for 18 + years and has been teaching for 14 years... and I believe the ancient wisdom of yoga will alter your life forever.

now, allow me to introduce you to my specialist teachers...

Ashley Beels: Meraki™ Coach, Business Builder & Web Designer

You might recognize Ashley from Dharma Yoga Loft, or her monthly yoga workshops for entrepreneurs, Meraki™ Yoga. When Ashley is not teaching yoga, she is running her business full-time as a Meraki™ Coach & Business Builder. Ashley works with creatives & soulful entrepreneurs that are ready to LIVE and CREATE from their desires, get their creations online, & want to leave their business basking in dynamic freedom. Ashley will be teaching you how to authentically brand yourself and showcase your unique gifts to attract your ideal yoga students. She also loves designing websites for yogi's. To learn more about what Meraki™ is, and more about Ashley Beels, you can click here.


Stephanie Austin: Holistic Practitioner

Stephanie Austin is a holistic health practitioner, pilot, and photojournalist on the Central Coast of California. Through her business Wellness by Mother Nature, Stephanie empowers her clients to become advocates of their wellness and support the innate self-healing abilities of a body in balance using tools such as Homeopathy, Natural Allergy Elimination, Iridology, and Holistic Nutrition. More info available here.

Dian Packer: Ayurveda Coach

bio coming soon

Lauren Shannon: Holistic Health Practitioner, ERYT 200.

Lauren has a passion for integrating the yoga mindset into her work, community outreach, and practice in serving others daily. She provides Wellness Coaching, personal training, retreats and classes with the support of her background as a wellness therapist, Western Herbalist, Reiki Master, and Pilates teacher. She enjoys partnering with doctors and educators using Yoga as "Functional Medicine" because self care is the new health care. She has a love affair working for Central Coast Yoga and Pilates as their Operations Director. Stay tuned her new website is coming soon!

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or 5-monthly payments of $560

(total paid when 5 months is complete is $2,800 

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