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Retreat to the Mountains

Join us for our 4th annual Yoga and Integrative Health Retreat - November 15 - 18, 2019 - the perfect opportunity to restore and reflect before the holidays. 

"This was the best thing that I have ever done for myself and I'm already looking forward to next year." Ann from Bay Area, CA

This very special, all-women Mountain Retreat near Yosemite offers rustic cabin lodging and the beauty of the outdoors. This 4-day, 3-night retreat is the perfect get-away to fully reflect upon all that Autumn has to offer. As the leaves begin to transform into brilliant oranges and reds, we too can transform and release what no longer serves us and make way for what's new to come. 

"I'm still without words... Just full of love and gratitude to have met all of you and to have had this shared experience. It was a transformation and healing weekend. There are no coincidences." Marie from Bay Area, CA

This mountain retreat offers is a perfect getaway with, daily yoga, access to the health spa, hikes, delicious meals, and wellness workshops with your hosts, Jena and Stephanie. Register for this retreat for an amazing weekend that will leave you feeling recharged and energized to carry you through the winter months and holidays.

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What's Included?

  • 3 nights accommodation (various options) and 4 days of activities

  • 3 dinners, 3 lunches, 3 breakfasts and beverages 

  • 2 day-passes at the Spa 

  • Group yoga classes each day (AM and PM) 

  • Group meditations and instruction each day 

  • Integrative Healing Workshops/Classes each day

  • Private time set aside each day for your own journey

  • NEW - Locals Option - does not include lodging but allows you to participate in 1) continuing education credit yoga classes only (great for local yoga teachers or yogis wanting to expand their knowledge) or 2) all classes, workshops and food (just not lodging). See Registration Details at the bottom for details.

"I met some wonderful women, learned a lot - beyond yoga, meditation/mindfulness, nutrition, Iridology, the proper way to breathe and many more. Stephanie and Jena will hold a special place in my heart because I've learned to release ... and can now grow in my future without anything holding me back and be in peace and practice healthy living! Ann from Bay Area, CA


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Yoga is far more than physical exercise and all of our classes will show you just how holistic yoga can become in your life. Both Jena and Stephanie are Yoga Alliance Certified Instructors with an integrative approach. Between the two of us, you'll experience a variety of class types including:

  • Gentle Hatha Flow

  • Vinyasa and Power Flow

  • Restorative

  • Yin and Focused Flow

  • Hatha and more

For Yoga Teachers, or yogis looking to deepen their practice, we have optional add-on Continuing Education classes covering:

  • Anatomy Safety Class on Alignment

  • Mind-Body-Spirit Integration in a Yoga Class

  • Chakra Anatomy and Clearing

  • Yamas and Niyamas: The Ethics of Yoga

We have a new, LARGER, yoga space private to our group that can easily accommodate 35 yogis. 

Yoga Intensive Curriculum-Beyond the Mat

For Yoga Teachers, or yogis looking to deepen their practice, we have optional add-on Continuing Education classes covering:

  • Anatomy Safety Class on Alignment: After teaching or practicing yoga for a while, we may forget some of the anatomy we learned in Yoga Teacher Training; however, it is this understanding of anatomy that keeps our students (and ourselves) safe. Enjoy learning key alignment practices and their anatomy for a safe yoga class.

  • Mind-Body-Spirit Integration in a Yoga Class: The moment you realize your students are needing a hip-opener class - as an example, you should be able to associate the mind-body connection to their resistance and inspire a class to support the root chakra, foundation, finances, and relationships through your pose choices and language usage. Or in watching their throats or shoulders, be able to reveal through your instruction and practice, how to support expression, communication and releasing expectations. All disease begins in Prana, or breath and energy. Students can walk away feeling healed without realizing how much it was YOUR yoga practice that facilitated it.

  • Chakra Anatomy and Clearing: Learn the anatomy of each chakra, their sounds, poses to best support, blockages, and healing the chakras; and how to clear them for your own practice and in class. Class best connects after taking Mind-Body-Spirit Integration in a Yoga Class.

  • Yamas and Niyamas: The Ethics of Yoga: At the time of YTT, learning the Yamas and Niyamas seemed like a foreign language; however, they can be the perfect theme for any class if you learn how to incorporate them. In this class, learn how to inspire the Ethics of Yoga in each yoga class. While we will overview all Yamas and Niyamas, we will take a step-by-step look at a couple in this class. EkhartYoga.com says it best: "The idea of a yoga practice is really not just to focus and be aware and mindful and calm for the time that we’re on the mat, but to carry this state of being with us when we leave class, so it can have a much deeper impact than just making us look good." It is through the understandings of the Sutras that we live the life of a yogi.

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With every retreat, we send you a survey prior to the trip to select which subjects most interest you. While we receive many of the same requests year after year, even by repeat guests, we want to be sure each retreat is tailored to our guests. With our combined expertise, you are bound to find the selection to your liking. Some topics include:

  • The Veil of Compassion - astrology to help you discover ease and flow with yourSELF and relationships (work, intimate, child, friend). (year after year, a favorite)

  • Daily Detox and Elimination - understand gentle ways to improve digestion and elimination with a daily routine.

  • Understanding Healing - 'dis'ease begins long before symptoms set in. Discover the hidden language of the body - from itching to intuition.

  • Juicing 101 - the how-to and why-to of juicing fresh fruit and veggies

  • Raw Foods 101 - understand the science behind raw, vegan nutrition, including leukocytosis and loss of nutrients

  • Energy Centers of the Body - how to balance from the inside out and how to notice the imbalance by what happens around you

  • Workshop possibilities include: Journaling, Home Medicine Kit, Aromatherapy, Sound Healing, Creating Yoga at Home, Guided Meditation, and many more.

Free Time


During Free Time

Enjoy hiking Near the lodge is the Bug Loop Trail for all to see the beautiful fall colors. On the north & east facing slopes you will find alders, pin oaks, live oaks, black oaks, chaparral, willows, mountain lilac, California grape, buckeye, ponderosa pine, grey pine and knobcone pine. We can do hikes away from the lodge as well.  During free time you and some of the retreat group may want to head into Yosemite National Park to enjoy this sought after destination with beautiful biking and hiking trails.  During free time (or before/after the retreat) you and some of the retreat group may want to head into Yosemite National Park to enjoy this sought after destination with beautiful biking and hiking trails. Please note it takes about an hour to get into the park so you might miss some scheduled retreat events. During free time you may enjoy sitting by the fireplace with some hot tea, soaking in the hot tub, relaxing in the sauna, a spa treatment or an add on treatment by Stephanie or Jena, such as:

  • Reiki

  • Private yoga

  • Iridology

  • Allergy elimination

  • strology and more

Prior to the retreat, starting Friday at 2pm - or after, ending Monday at 2pm, you might want a spa session or enjoy Yosemite National Park.

Lodging  & Rates


You will recieve a day pass that includes access to a custom 12 person H2O2 UV spring fed stainless steel hot tub, cold-rain shower, cedar hot-rock sauna, a  seven jet shower in our deluxe changing rooms. Large cedar sauna with hot rocks with eucalyptus water. Jump under the cold rain shower adjacent after sauna use or into our stainless steel hot tub. The hot tub is kept bacteria-free without the use of harsh chemicals. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and ultra violet light are used to maintain the tub, as well as to support your overall wellness by delivering much-needed oxygen to your cells.



Organic & local foods in addition with the heirloom gardens makes dishes at the cafe fresh, healthy, and delicious. The cafe provide attention to vegan and vegetarian foods, in addition to quality meats and sustainable fish show the difference.  You will be drawn in by the mouth-watering smells of foods cooking from the restaurant. Comfort American foods are rounded out with exciting International items on the menu with meats, vegan, seafood, gluten-free, and vegetarian fare. The dinner menu changes nightly with a mix of local, garden, sustainable and organic ingredients. The dynamic menu is what guests comment the most about online and make sure they do not miss.  

All meals are included:

  • Friday dinner

  • Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Sunday breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Monday breakfast and lunch

Alcohol and specialty drinks are available but not included. Water, coffee, herbal tea, iced tea and hibiscus cooler readily available and included. 

Example meals include:

  • Steelcut Oatmeal, Rightly done, with milk, soy or yogurt, raisins and brown sugar, fresh cut fruit

  • Chicken Vietnamese Salad- What a salad should be with thin sliced chicken, peppers, onion, cabbage, mint and basil with tomato, fish sauce dressing and peanuts on top.

  • Vegetarian Smoked Tempeh, Black Bean and Yam Enchiladas Mole topped with Avocado Verde Sauce, served with Yellow Rice and Coleslaw

"You ladies are all amazing!!! I’ve been floating all week long and haven’t been able to quite find the words to describe my experience. It was incredible. I relaxed. I learned. I let go. I loved. I became so inspired. Spending the time with all of you was such a treat. You’ve all popped up in my mind and heart several times this week." Morgan of San Luis Obispo County California

We offer a few lodging options depending on if you're attending with a female companion(s) or want us to join you up with other people exclusive to our group. All cabins have forest views and decks with tables and chairs. Each cabin is decorated with a specific theme so all rooms are different. Not so rustic with fine linens, fine bath products, towels, showers, blow dryers, heat, coolers and wi-fi.

Private cabin for 2 (SOLD OUT)

  • bathroom with shower in cabin

  • two queen beds

  • only available for guests signing up with another person and prefer not having a third person in your cabin

  • if traveling alone please select the next option below

  • Retreat and Lodging: Early Rate $845

Check Registration Details below for discounts and details

Private cabin for 3

  • bathroom with shower in cabin

  • different bed configurations such as one queen and two twins; one double and two twins (rooms do not have bunks)

  • available for those signing up as a group or alone and we'll add you to a cabin with up to three cabin-mates

  • Retreat and Lodging: Early Rate $775

  • Alumni Rate: $747


Registration Details

Cancellation policy and non-refundable (NR) deposit : All options include a $250, non-refundable deposit. All remaining dues must be paid in full no later than 6 weeks before the retreat and can be made in two payments, each at 50% of remaining dues. Should you cancel prior to 6-weeks before the event, all but this NR-deposit can be returned within 6-10 business days. 50% is refundable if cancelling between 6 weeks and 2 weeks. Should you cancel within 2-weeks of the event, zero of the funds are refundable due to the cost to reserve the lodge and likelihood of being able to book your space with such short notice.

  • Discounts and Specials are available and offered within the Facebook event page found here or in either of our newsletters at www.WellnessByMotherNature.com (Stephanie) or www.PasoYoga.com (Jena). Discount not redeemable for cash.

  • Transportation to/from the retreat is up to you but if you want to be added to a carpool list, let us know and we will try to connect you with a person local to you.

  • Locals not interested in accommodations but want to participate in some or all of the retreat, please contact me for pricing. Your rate can include 1) continuing education credit yoga classes only (great for local yoga teachers or yogis wanting to expand their knowledge) or 2) all classes, workshops and food (just not lodging)