Why your injuries are not healing

Listening to the the GPS navigation you have built within is super user friendly. Recovering from injuries or healing wounds is obtainable. Find out what is blocking you from healing. 

You have amazing "stuff" inside of you that is super intelligent. In fact you have  a whole factory of "receptors" called peptides, molecules, glands, and immune cells that are constantly sharing messages. Your body is an amazing communicator. With all that going on why don't we heal. What is setting you back,  I have a super simple example of how the mind can get in your way and set you back from truly healing.  

My daughter clearly has to go to the bathroom. In every way her body shows it. She is doing the crossing of her legs and the whole potty "wiggle" dance. I say to her, "hey you have to go to the bathroom so stop what your doing and get to it." she says, "No I don't have to go mom."  This is where a great teaching moment began. We had a discussion and my question to her was,  "what does your body have to say about it"? And we concluded there were two different messages going on. Her brain had her convinced she didn't have to go, there wasn't time for it and clearly there were more important things to do with her time. The body said a different message and gave a signal that could either be received and acted upon or overlooked and ignored.  How often does the mind override the body? Are we overlooking the intelligence within and are the messages not being heard? 


In Molecules of Emotion Dr. Pert writes that we must open to our feelings and feel our emotions in order to manifest our human potential. Let the "smart stuff" aka inner intelligence take the lead and guide you, otherwise it weakens. If we don't open to our feelings, 1.) we obstruct our ability to feel emotionally and physically well. 2) we lose faith in the innate intelligence of the body to know what it needs to be in balance and we look to outer authorities for that information. 3.) we lose touch with that intelligence we call our "gut feel," our intuition...the guiding star of our life's journey.  How often do we give up our power and hand it over to someone else to fix, whether it is a relationship that needs healing, an injury, or decision this question is valuable: how can I really be the best manager of myself. And Affirmation - I am best equipped for the job to heal and recover.


Yesterday in morning yoga class we featured healthy KNEES, which can often be overlooked but it is such an amazing part of our body. The purpose of the knees is bend.  The focus was on whether the knees are overworked and stressed out, or are they weak and underused?  This technique can be used with any muscle group. It is all about finding the yin and yang balance of engaging and softening whether working with the muscles or approaching life.  The underused knee speaks out by feeling weak and unaccomplished, have you heard the expression, "weak at the knee's". The idioms dictionary describes it as, " if someone goes weak at the knees, they feel as if they might fall down because they have a sudden strong emotion about something or someone."  An overused knee speak through the feeling of a rigid ache, this is the voice of your knees telling you to go with the flow, be more flexible/bend in your approach to life, or something needs to surrender.


When I begin my yoga practice years ago, I participated with my breath in a way that I had never experienced before. . My yoga teacher in a college class introduce me to relaxation and breathing techniques, 20 years old at the time and I never felt so alive.  The techniques were outstanding, easy to approach, and simple to incorporate into life, such as taking a deep breath before I had to duck-dive a wave, relaxing in traffic, or observing the way I engaged with my thoughts. I gained a deeper awareness that impacted my life. In the early introduction of yoga, I realized a difference between my inhalation breath and my exhalation breath. I could exhale my breath all day long and I loved the way it felt to empty my lungs. It was easy for me to forgive, to let go, to be passive, but what about my inhalation breath? It felt restricted and I realized I had some work to do in receiving, soaking up life, accepting a complement or really believing in myself. I absolutely love looking back, the journey is alway unfolding. In knowing and observing I was able to strengthen the areas of my life that were weak. Injuries come in many forms. 

In a nutshell

  1. Healing happens when you consider all angles toward recovering: Look at it on a physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual level. 

  2. Is the injury occurring because the body or muscle or situation is being over-used and stressed out or under-used and weak?

  3. Am I giving up my power, if so who and how am I handing it over too?

  4. Trust your gut, the more you use it the more vibrant it becomes. 

  5. Power up healing with the help of the mind. Affirmations set intention into motion

Let us all be open to observing the messages and mind/intelligence we have all throughout the body, it is speaking, are you listening??? Learn more mind/body connections with us at Dharma. 

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