The Path to Discovery 

The Path of Discovery is a program designed to help you live on purpose, with intention, consciously and strategically by design. There are knew models of being for greater expansion. We are all teachers and all students upon this walk of life. Learn about the higher self with exciting truths, wisdom, and road map information for your life. The programs below allow you to be apart of certain Modules being presented for the YTT program (Yoga teacher Training). The beauty is you can receive get in-depth insights through the study of yoga and do not have to commit to the program as a whole. Some of the greatest travel we will do in this life are the travels we take within. Here is the course which allows you the program to further your learning. 

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Self Study Courses Below  

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The Path to Liberation 

Join Jena Baird  As we dive into the first step to transformation. The empowering module being explored is the path of liberation. This self study practice will activate greater wisdom and understanding of the inner resources you have. 


  • Yoga practice -The power and practice of movement for liberation
  • Awareness -the first step to liberate and live on purpose.
  • Liberate yourself self through empowering discussions 
  • Journaling 
  • Enjoy the retreat property grounds. 

Enjoy a yoga class, meditation, discussion on The path of Liberation, a self study path of discovery course, and enjoy time on the private retreat property. $45 - Bring a sack lunch and enjoy your lunch on the grounds. 

Date: Saturday February 3rd 9:00 am-12:00 pm


Ayurveda - To understand Yourself Better 

This incredible wisdom is a container of information and foundation to understand who you are. Ayurveda helps you know how best to take care of yourself based about your body Dosha aka Constitution. Knowing your dosha can invite you to be well equipped with tools and technique you will carry throughout life. 




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